We are a community of learners that includes:  staff, students, parents,and organizations from the community.

We are committed to assisting students to develop their abilities . . .

  • to think critically
  • to be creative
  • to communicate
  • to collaborate
  • to be engaged
  • to problem solve
  • to make decisions
  • to succeed


  • are learner-centered
  • build a community of learners
  • understand each learner brings different knowledge to the table and we collaborate
  • do in-depth research, revision, and reflection
  • create new ideas and explore possibilities through positive interactions with others
  • design projects in collaborative teams
  • present what we have learned using a variety of technologies
  • assess work using rubrics and BC Ministry of Education performance standards

COL Graph

Identified 7 Principles of Learning:

  1. Learners at the center.
  2. The social nature of learning.
  3. Emotions are integral to learning.
  4. Recognizing individual differences.
  5. Stretching all students.
  6. Assessment for Learning.
  7. Building horizontal connections.

From “The Nature of Learning” – Dumont, Istance, Benavides, 2010